RTOS is an acronym for Real Time Operating System. There are such conditions where the correctness or requirement of the output not only depends upon the logic of the application but also time plays an important role for example deployment of airbags while a crash is detected in the vehicles ...

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Interrupt handling In ARM Cortex M4 Basics

A Signal Emitted by Hardware or Software for the processor to serve a HIGH PRIORITY task by taking the CPU from a low priority one. Jumping from one task to another to serve the defined requirements under ...

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linux kernel module

Linux Kernel Module

To solve the problem of lack of modularity and extensibility, the modern monolithic kernel has kernel module. LKM (Loadable Kernel Module) is an object file that contains code, ...

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linux kernel API

Let's play with linux kernel API

Linux kernel programming is much different from the User Space programming. Linux Kernel is a stand-alone entity that can not use the libraries of userspace. As a result, the userspace function such as malloc, calloc, free, open, etc is no longer use ...

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major and minor numbers

Major and Minor Numbers

For byte-oriented operation, the majority of the drivers are char device drivers for example serial drivers, Audio drivers, camera drivers and basic I/O drivers. Also, we can't back and forth the data in the device file all these ...

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